Flinks Launches Data Enrichment Tool Attributes

Flinks has announced the launch of ‘Attributes’, a data enrichment tool allowing banks and fintechs to harness the power of transactional data without having to maintain large data science teams themselves.

Flinks is a leading provider of data connectivity and intelligence for the financial industry.

Attributes allows financial institutions to create complex data points from pre-categorized transactional information and use them to improve and automate their processes around risk modelling, fraud detection and more.

“Open banking allows consumers to share their data more easily, but it’s only the first step. More data does not automatically equate with better value: financial businesses need to be equipped in order to understand their clients’ data and extract that value,” said Yves-Gabriel Leboeuf, Founder & CEO of Flinks.

“Attributes addresses this major pain point with a breakthrough in data enhancement and dynamic categorization. Moving away from static data categorization, Attributes enables banks and fintechs to apply complex transformations to transactional data and return simple responses acting as insights to feed models or allow analysts to make more informed decisions.”

Attributes are currently available as basic packages for Credit Risk modeling, Fraud Prevention, and Income Detection for turnkey implementation.

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