Sensibill Partners With NCR To Simplify Receipts

Sensibill  announced today that it will partner with NCR Corporation to allow bank customers to store, organize and manage their receipts.

NCR is a world-leading POS provider and this partnership allows the entire NCR enterprise to leverage Sensibill’s receipt technology.

The partnership also signals continued expansion and a new network of financial institutions for Sensibill, further establishing the firm as the preferred provider for digital receipts and item-level data for banks.

NCR Digital Banking allows users to instantly access purchase information for returns, warranties and expenses – all from their trusted bank or credit union’s mobile app. Receipts are then permanently stored for customers and can be retrieved on-the-go or exported as needed.

Smart receipt capture and AI-driven data extraction make transactions simple to save, search and track, thereby improving financial management and overall financial health. Small businesses and their employees can also enjoy the ease of expense report management and tracking, in order to maximize tax deductions and audit-proof their business.

“Whether you’re a consumer, freelancer, or small business owner, receipts are a universal pain. We are thrilled to work alongside NCR in our joint mission to solve real problems for banking customers, and look forward to supporting NCR bank partners’ success,” said Corey Gross, Co-Founder and CEO, Sensibill. The firm envisions a future where receipt capture is automated.

More than that, Sensibill’s technology itemizes and categorizes receipt data, giving NCR’s banks insight into their customers’ purchase behavior and raising the bar for personalized digital banking experiences.

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