Younger Canadian Investors Confident in Crypto But Concerned About Fees

Canadian investors are generally known for being risk adverse, but when it comes to trading cryptocurrencies investor anxiety seems to be tied directly to age and income.

This, according to a recent Environics survey commissioned by Coinberry, Canada’s first federally registered commission-free crypto trading platform.

According to the survey, younger Canadians are more confident in the rewards of cryptocurrency investing than older Canadians.

40% of investors aged 18-34 identified cryptocurrencies as ‘high return investments.’  Younger investors (36%) were also more likely than older age groups (18-26%) to believe that wealthy Canadians invest in cryptocurrencies.

However, the same survey also showed younger investors are more concerned about fees.  42% of respondents aged 18-34 cited the high cost of fees as a ‘major concern’ in cryptocurrency investing, a much higher number than older groups.

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